Dream Nashville is one of Dream Hotel Group’s premiere boutique hotels, situated in the heart of downtown’s core, with a history that dates back to the 1890s. The property, which includes 168 art deco-inspired guest rooms and 21 suites, engaged Media Whisper to establish their social media presence in a way that reflects the upscale lifestyle brand and authentically represents the property’s connection to its unique neighborhood, while driving traffic to the hotel’s website and dining & entertainment outlets. Using a brand-first approach to distinguish the various brand identities within the property, Media Whisper successfully channeled the uniqueness of the property into revenue-generating social media communities on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter.

Client Goals

  • Establish a high-quality social media presence for the hotel, with a brand-first approach which accurately represents the property’s style and crafts a narrative around its connection to the local culture.
  • Build an engaged following around the hotel’s newly created social media communities, growing the audience from the ground up, with dedicated channels for the hotel itself, their flagship restaurant, and the property’s nightlife venue.
  • Convert social media followers into customers, by driving traffic to the hotel’s home page and event ticketing pages.
  • Highlight the guest experience, using a mix of owned and user-generated visual content.
  • Establish brand awareness around the multiple outlets on the property and their ongoing programming and activations, focusing on the core customer demographics and the lifestyles they represent.

Our Strategy

Our first step was to fully immerse ourselves in the hotel brand – its design, food & beverage programs, nightlife experiences, the guest experience from check-in to check-out, the surrounding neighborhood, the staff’s training manual – anything and everything available to us. With demographics ranging in age, interests, and a mix of tourists and locals, we prepared for a challenge, using Dream Hotel Group’s existing brand as a foundation, while remaining flexible to best serve this property’s unique audiences. The content mix centered around a goal to motivate all target audiences to enthusiastically choose this neighborhood and this property among all of the options in Nashville.
The property is rooted in the core of downtown Nashville: creative, unconventional, stylish, ambitious, and utterly unique. The hotel brand reflects these traits in every way, challenging the status quo with an experience designed to leave an impression.
The people who frequent Downtown Nashville tend to be young, the “It” crowd, professionals, international travelers and often art, fashion, and music influencers keen to discover experiences that set them apart from the norm. We aimed to highlight the details, history, and boutique design and architecture of the property in a way that spoke directly to these qualities.
Outside of architectural photography, the hotel had no visual content available. An integral element of our strategy was to establish a bank of social mediafriendly images, capturing images of each element of the guest experience, including the surrounding neighborhood. Content was used to tell a story, capture a moment, while keeping things clean and simple. After all, it’s all in the details.

Our Results



Average Daily Impressions: 12.1K
Average Daily Reach: 8.3K
Organic Impressions: 2.3M
Total Engagements: 158.4K
Engagement Rate (per impression): 3.6%


Average Daily Impressions: 7.5K Average Daily Reach: 3.4K
Total Engagements: 46.7K
Engagement Rate (per impression): 1.7%


Average Daily Impressions: 430
Total Engagements: 2,749
Engagement Rate (per impression): 1.8%

Audience Growth


The hotel’s Instagram account took off quickly, with the focus on high-quality, lifestyle photography helping to achieve viral reach and rapid growth. Facebook and Twitter grew at a slower pace, though both with very high engagement rates for their respective audience size. Twitter is not a priority for the client, receiving no ad spend.


Total Followers after Year One: 8.3K


Total Followers after Year One: 21K


Total Followers after Year One: 116

Paid Social Results


Facebook & Instagram Ads

Total Paid Post Engagement: 278.5K
Cost per Post Engagement: $0.07
Total Link Clicks: 44.5K
Cost per Link Click: $0.51
Total Paid Impressions: 2.3M
Cost per Impression: $0.009

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