Social media has, without a doubt, become ingrained into our everyday lives — but, like many modern creations, it can act as a double-edged sword. Social media connects us, but it can also diminish the feeling of living in the moment; it helps us share special experiences, but it has also resulted in phrases like
After the year we’ve all had, there’s a bit of screen fatigue going around. Movies and television helped act as distractions through lockdowns, social interactions moved to FaceTime and Zoom, and our phones acted as a huge source of information through the most tumultuous year in memory. A new term was even coined — “doomscrolling”
Fill up your social media content calendar with relevant and creative campaigns! If you’re ever running low on ideas or just want to create an engaging campaign, these international, national, and month-long holidays are the inspiration you need to craft memorable content for your brand. This 2021 Social Media Holidays Calendar is a must-have for
The biggest challenge marketers face in a social media overloaded world is fitting their content into the mix and getting eyes (and likes) on their posts. As social media algorithms continue to change, marketers and influencers must focus on creating high quality and high-value content that cuts through the noise. Knowing the best times to
If you are anything like us, you have a hundred tabs open, a long list of tasks to do, and a dozen sticky notes stuck to your desk at any given time. Organization is essential, but finding the perfect tool can be challenging. An editorial calendar can help you plan and strategize your digital content.
It’s hard to believe that we are already in the final month of 2020. This year has simultaneously flown by and felt like an entire decade packed into one, so we’re all looking to 2021 for a mental refresh. What better time for a social refresh too! Below, we’ve gathered 21 trends to keep an

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