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The ultimate showcase of creatives in Nashville, TN. Each episode, we share insights from the media industry while interviewing standout personalities to showcase the true driving force behind Nashville’s various booming industries. More than just interviews; it’s backstories and tips & tricks from unsung heroes in the creative fields that make Music City so special.

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Our Latest Episodes

S2, Episode 1: From managing MySpace pages to running a full service marketing agency w/ Michael Henry, Co-Founder of Media Whisper
S1, Episode 11: From creative pursuit to DIY business w/ Brian Hood
S1, Episode 10: Being fearless in the pursuit of your career w/ JoJamie Hahr
S1, Episode 9: The journey from Songwriter to Manager w/ Jason Davis
S1, Episode 8: Building a digital live music booking company from the ground up w/ Makenzie Stokel and Channing Moreland
S1, Episode 7: How to become an online success in an ever-changing entertainment landscape w/ Derek Webb
S1, Episode 6: Looking into the future of an ever evolving music industry w/ Michael Sloane
S1, Episode 5: The in’s and out’s of running a PR firm w/ Christy Walker-Watkins
S1, Episode 4: The Music of Games, Sports, & Interactive Media w/ Steve Schnur
S1, Episode 3: Cultivating Your Unique Style w/ Delaney Royer
S1, Episode 2: Publishing & Tour Managing w/ JD Groover
S1, Episode 1: Proving The Value of Social Media w/ Brandon Brown, Co-Founder of Media Whisper

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