S1, Episode 7: How to become an online success in an ever-changing entertainment landscape w/ Derek Webb

In Episode 7 of Killer influence, Alexa Rae and Will Barton interview Derek Webb.

Derek Webb chats with Alexa Rae and Will Barton about how he successfully moved from a touring musician in the band, Caedmon’s Call, to now making a living with his solo career by giving fans live concerts from the comfort of his own home. Derek shares all of his favorite platforms, tools and tactics on how to become an online success. This episode is perfect for any creative looking for a way to showcase their art online. Along with his solo career, Derek is the founder of NoiseTrade, the first tribe-building, free music site. Derek also continues to mentor artists and creators on how to make a living in an ever-changing entertainment landscape. You can find more about Derek at www.derekwebb.com.