2020 has yielded dramatic increases in business for a few different platforms – how, exactly, did Zoom become industry standard when Skype had about a decade’s head start? Among the many platforms that have seen more and more users flock to their services over the past few months, live streaming has similarly become an integral
The Social DIY of UGC In the ever-changing social media landscape, new strategies to capture and retain customers are abundant. A few years ago it was the “pivot to video,” in which major media companies opted for short-form video clips to disseminate news across Facebook and Twitter. Then came the “influencer” boom as a new
It’s no secret that 2020 has felt vastly different from any year preceding it, putting this year’s election cycle (already the subject of more critical attention than other years) under an even brighter lens. Over the past few months, the social landscape has also shifted as more individuals, businesses and brands joined the political conversation
Have you read ALL your emails today? There are really only two types of people in the world: the organized, who can’t stand the sight of the little red number in their email inbox, and those that let 36,000 unreads stack up without a care. Either way, email became an integral part of our business
Not so long ago, most businesses were wary of WFH. After decades of industry revolving around physical offices as the critical epicenter of daily operations, it has taken some time for managers to catch up to modern technology. Even so, work from home has previously been seen most often as a perk at trendy Silicon
Just four years ago, Vine was king. The six-second video app, at its peak, was home to over 200 million active users, many of whom gained massive followings by utilizing the inherent creative challenge of the app and eventually pivoted to genuine careers in comedy, television, and media. At the time, 200 million users was

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