How To Do A Brand Audit

It only takes 10 minutes!

What is a Brand Audit?

A brand audit is a checkup that evaluates your brand’s position in your market. This quick and easy process allows you to identify the strengths & weaknesses of your brand and how to make it better. Even if you think that your brand has everything it needs to perform its best, it never hurts to check – plus, if you’re anything like us, you love the satisfaction of checking boxes!

Why is it important?

It’s self-care… for your brand! You have a list of things you do morning, day, and night to take care of your mind and body – e.g. brushing your teeth, exercising, fueling your body with good food, etc. Your brand deserves that same level of care. 

Trends change, platforms evolve, and your brand grows. Let’s make sure that growth is reflected in what your audience sees! 

4 Steps to Auditing Your Brand:

Step 1: Identify your brand assets.
In other words, what makes up your brand?
Identify your brand’s logos, color palette, website, social media accounts, and any other public-facing assets.

Step 2: Check for cohesiveness. 
Make sure that all of your platforms use the same logos, colors, contact information, and descriptions to eliminate confusion from prospects.

Step 3: Speak with your employees and customers to determine what they like and don’t like. 
Get a better understanding of what is working and what isn’t, from the people whose opinions matter the most. 

Step 4: Review your data.
There’s no better way to know what is working vs. what is not than hard facts and data. Take a look at what the data says about your website clicks, social engagement, and more, to gauge what needs improvement.

Complete the full checklist now – download below!