This state-of-the-art venue is located in Orange County, California, part of the Los Angeles market, offering over 50,000 square feet of space that is divided into four distinct areas. The club is committed to providing a diverse entertainment experience, from unforgettable live shows on multiple stages, to top-tier culinary creations in the restaurant & bar, to an elevated nightlife experience in a VIP club.

Client Goals

After six years of managing the club’s social media communities, the client came to Media Whisper with a new challenge. The club would be closed, relocated, rebranded, reopened at a new location, and the social media communities were to be an integral part of the relaunch.

  • Maintain an active and engaging social presence throughout the relocation and reopening.
  • Relaunch the social media communities, representing the rebrand of the club.
  • Drive awareness and excitement for the grand opening and the accompany concert & event schedule.
  • Design the Instagram feed to represent the club as a place to go for amazing live music, food, and entertainment.
  • Engage and connect with the community using a balance of event marketing, industry news, and local & user-generated content on the social media channels.

Our Strategy

During the relocation, we maintained an engaging feed and follower base with a plan to ramp it up as we got closer to the Grand Opening. This approach circled around many teasers about the endless amount of new amenities and upgrades the new venue would offer, culminating with a massive “Grand Opening Lineup” announce of over 30 shows at once. The goal leading into the Grand Opening was to hype up this huge announcement and completely inundate social feeds with both content volume and ad dollars as we announced an “epic” opening lineup to christen the new venue, with a focus on the local area.
With such an explosive opening, we did not plan on slowing down. We continued teasing a second wave of show announcements, while adding 2nd and 3rd nights of artists/bands as ticket sales warranted. While highlighting the new amenities, we also promoted weekly food & drink specials to incentivize guests to visit the new Restaurant and Bar. Most importantly, we maintained a high post frequency based on driving show awareness to promote ticket sales.

Audience Growth


The club’s Facebook Page took off quickly, with increased post frequency and a new approach to copywriting helping to achieve viral reach and rapid growth. Instagram and Twitter grew at a slightly slower pace, though both experienced substantial engagement from their audiences.


Total Followers after Year One: 124,339


Total Followers after Year One: 22,302


Total Followers after Year One: 34,554


Total Audience Size: 181.2K
19% increase in Year One of Relaunch


Total Link Clicks: 139,309


Total Messages Sent: 14.8K
Total Messages Received: 59.8K
Instagram: 1.5K
Facebook: 758
Twitter: 12.5K

Our Results


Total Impressions: 81,970,768  |  Total Engagements: 2,617,381


Average Daily Impressions: 188K
Average Daily Reach: 106K
Organic Impressions: 26M
Total Engagements: 2.3M
Engagement Rate (per impression): 3.3%


Average Daily Impressions: 22.7K
Average Daily Reach: 5.2K
Total Engagements: 168.6K
Engagement Rate (per impression): 2%


Average Daily Impressions: 13.9K
Engagement Rate (per impression): 3%
Total Engagements 153.2K
Engagement Rate (per impression): 3%


We were able to maintain a positive trend in followers & engagement month over month leading up to the opening. During the transition, we aligned the social channels to match the new renovation in a way that maintained the current brand fans but also gained numerous new fans. In doing so, we assisted in a successful launch and continued the success of this venue. During this valuable year during the relaunch, we nurtured existing fans and created brand awareness of new fans through successful content marketing.

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