How to Organize Your Content Marketing (Template)

If you are anything like us, you have a hundred tabs open, a long list of tasks to do, and a dozen sticky notes stuck to your desk at any given time. Organization is essential, but finding the perfect tool can be challenging. An editorial calendar can help you plan and strategize your digital content. Whether you’re planning for social media, blogs, or email marketing campaigns, this is the tool you need. 

What Is An Editorial Calendar?

An editorial calendar is a marketing tool designed to visually organize your content. It allows you to track types of content, channels, authors, dates, and more. 

Personalizing Your Calendar

  • How often are you posting?
    Are you posting daily, multiple times a day, once a week? Determine the post frequency that best suits your brand to maintain a regular posting schedule. 
  • What social networks does your brand use?
    There are dozens of platforms available, but you don’t need to be on everyone. In fact, it is more beneficial to your brand to focus your content strategy on 3-5 social media channels. Identify which channels your brand has an active presence. 
  • Who is on your social media team?
    Establish who will be making the posts to ensure that nothing falls through the cracks and everyone understands their roles.
  • What types of content does your brand post?
    Blogs, videos, photos, oh my! With an array of content options available, don’t be afraid to experiment with different types for each platform.
  • What is your process for posting?
    Does content need to be approved? Can it be scheduled? Make sure everyone involved understands what needs to happen before the post goes live. 

Over 10+ years in marketing, we’ve experimented with different formats and revisions, and this year, we’ve created our best editorial calendar to date! 

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