We Will Travel Again, but How?

In a recent campaign for a client, we ran the tagline #WeWillTravelAgain. With every stroke of the keyboard, that felt more and more real – like a mantra you repeat until you are overcome with belief (think, “It’s not your fault,” à la Good Will Hunting). But it is true, we will travel again! We will watch live music again, we will dine at our favorite restaurants and fly and shop and tour and socialize again. So how do we prepare now, for the again

A recent study by Magma Global found that 54% of those surveyed are apt to travel to a location within driving distance as early as June 15th. The same study found that 73% of the population are more inclined to stay in a boutique size (less than 200 rooms) hotel than an 800+ room establishment. This is fantastic news! We serve a number of clients in the boutique hotel industry – so aha, we’ve found our angle! It is with great pride we promote our clients’ strengths. We let the world know we can offer that which they seek. It is the time to emphasize your uniqueness and the allure that brings your clientele to your doors. 

We can all recognize that the world looks different than it did a few months ago. Inventive ways to better serve your community are not merely talking points to be praised in a quarterly meeting. Simple nuances are now your beacon. We must be more medically-versed, tech-savvy and advanced in our forward-thinking and marketing.

It can feel daunting to acknowledge what you may not yet know. But we can help! In need of some educational ear candy? Our media insights podcast, Killer Influence, is a conversational study of a wide variety of professionals in the field. It’s free and accessible wherever you find your podcasts. 
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We can help serve your vision and keep you tuned, sharp and your business safe. If it feels like the world is spinning faster, it may be because it is! It’s time to kick things into high gear, and we have your ticket to ride. 

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