NIVA & The Effort to Save Our Stages

If you have not yet heard of NIVA, you’re about to. No one single source will carry the live music industry through the COVID-19 pandemic, but NIVA is definitely shouldering the lion’s share. The National Independent Venue Association did not exist a mere eight weeks ago yet has already made a massive wave in an industry that we all know and need.
A shared love of music is universal. From first jobs, to first dates, to career-altering opportunities, to unforgettable memories, live music venues represent the baseline of American culture. One Chicago impact report estimated that for every $1 spent on a ticket, a total of $12 in economic activity was generated. Our economy, our industries and our culture will be feeling the effects of this pandemic on live music for years to come. But there is hope, yet! NIVA is not taking “no” for an answer – and you don’t have to either!
A legion of music venue owners and operators have joined forces to let Congress know that the industry needs help. NIVA assembled a petition to request relief efforts from the powers that be, to help carry this industry and the countless (truly, hundreds of thousands) jobs and careers affected, to the other side.
There are numerous ways to get involved and save a part of your culture that you love. From signing petitions to pre-ordering merchandise, you can have a lasting impact on the future of music, America and your generation. Here’s how you can let freedom ring:

  1. Take Action by signing the letter requesting Congressional support for NIVA. It takes less than 90 seconds and alerts your local leadership to the severity of these impacts. Rock the vote here.
  2. Save Our Stages by buying merchandise with proceeds donated to the fight to save live music, her ecosystem and her people here.
  3. Follow along on NIVA’s socials for updates, opportunities to get involved and artists to support that are bearing the burden so other artists can survive, too.

We are hopeful, we are inspired and we are eager to see live music once again. Even if by some small chance the industry has not had a direct impact on your life, we hope this movement inspires you to think creatively and join forces with meaningful organizations, to make changes in our world. If there’s anything we’ve learned from this global shutdown, it’s that people are kinder than we ever imagined and there is always opportunity for growth. We’re eternally grateful for the artists and their art who have kept us company in some dark days. Now let’s return the favor.

God save rock n roll.