What is New Normal?

As the Light at the end of the tunnel begins to peek out from behind her protective big brother Chaos, we’re starting to shake off our quarantine ways and imagine a life full of “new normals.” Travel bans are beginning to lift, restaurants are slowly filling up and artists are promoting those anticipated rescheduled tour dates. But what does that mean for your business? What does this mean for your family? What does this mean for you?
We’re all asking it. And – we hope this brings comfort – no one knows. We’re missing coffeeshop work meetings, playing and seeing live music, traveling near and far. We’re even missing the simple pleasures of a boat day and beer with friends, and we imagine you are too. This uncharted, but near, territory is actually an invitation!
We’ve spent quarantine assessing our needs and separating them from our wants. We’ve adapted and learned to get by with less. Less opportunity, less money, and less freedom have lead to more creativity. We’re collectively diving into a future no one imagined even a mere three months ago.
Our perspective has shifted but our humanness has not. If there were ever a time to speak candidly to your clientele, it would be these coming days. If you’re new around here, we’ve spent a few weeks discussing the importance of clearly articulating your brand voice and pressing into paid advertising and marketing initiatives. Wanna hear more? Have a read. These are the days we’ve been anticipating when brands see an opportunity to sell, move, open, celebrate. Are you prepared?
This new normal also contains the troublesome reality that these times have brought about great loss. Loss of family, friends, finances and certain comforts. This new normal is foreign and will take a while to make itself at home in your world. Be patient with your messages, be patient with your customers. Be patient with yourself.
We’re lucky that the show will go on and many industries are coming back stronger than ever. We hope that includes you and your customers. For whatever reason, if you have found yourself needing a branding reset, or help managing your digital community, we have weathered the proverbial storm and want to see your new normal better than your before!