Facebook is Giving Away $100M in Ad Credit

Challenging times are certainly upon us, but here’s some good news! Facebook for Business is offering $100M in cash grants and ad credits to qualifying businesses to help out during these unprecedented times.
Should your small business qualify for these credits, you want to make sure they’re put to good use in a way that strategically benefits your brand. That’s where Media Whisper steps in! With over ten years of social media marketing and advertising experience, we’re here to make your brand stand out in the digital space. Let’s dive into your Facebook Ads strategy together and create engaging content that produces results, whether product sales, video views, social engagements, ticket sales, or otherwise. And it doesn’t stop there; our commitment to your fresh, engaging and valuable content is like these times – unprecedented.
First & foremost, we wanted to inform you of this incredible opportunity. It is inspiring to see companies like Facebook offer unique opportunities and create new ventures in these strange days. Educating you on relevant market trends is both an honor and a privilege. Secondly, we want to be there to support you. Do you have questions about how to navigate your digital strategy during this time? Are you interested in creating an ad budget and content plan? Are you not sure where to begin? Just ask!
We’re here to help and excited to see your vision grow!
Learn more about the Facebook Small Business Grants Program and submit, here: https://bit.ly/3awfbcl